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A few tunes into Spotify this evening and I just realised I was listening to mostly female artists. Not really sure how it started, just the way it happen to play out. Some Stevie Nicks, some Bat for lashes, a bit of Florence, Ingrid Michaelson, solid stuff. Got me thinking though. Apart from the gentic difference, are women and men that different? Like that old question of can women and men be friends, you know, all that kind of crap. Because folks, yes we can, absolutely. Why? Because we are the same species people, the same species. It must have been a mysoginist that originally posed that bullshit question. Anyway, all that put to the side, I was realsing that sometimes unknown to myself, I was actually listening to female vocalists without cognitively seeking out those gender specific tracks with a strong female slant to them at least creatively. So why was this? I theorise that in a certain frame of mind that I happen to inhabit at any given time, I actively sought out the solice from a female point of view in a medium that I hold more dearly than any other. This includes art, film, books or anything else. (Modern dance even). Now I mean within that medium only the genres that I love, not the poppy teeny autotune stuff that clutters the airwaves these days. No disrespect to those “artists” either. But, I think my psyche at whatever said point of time would find a comfort in nurturing a feminine point of view within the form of music. As we are all made of those feminine/masculine parts in varying values that make up our personalities anyway, right? You know manly men, we actually have a feminine side and a masculine side, all that stuff. Bearing in mind all that, I feel that sometimes it would be of massive benefit if we allow ourselves in a subconscious way to leave our gender specific traits aside and embrace the spirit of whatever our being needs at that given time, and yes men and women are a tad different in that generally there are things that are more specifically synonymous with each gender although not always the case it must also be noted. (men can also be nurturing and women dont always drool over a newborn). Though, if we appreciate those (subtle) differences and embrace them rather than hold them up as a reason to ask stupid questions like the “can men and women ever truly be friends” kind of BS, then we can have more fluid and shared experiences together without the question of sex or other silly forced gender differences from blotting an otherwise decent chance at say a friendship or even a fair and courteous interaction between two people that happen to have different genders. (Again, same species people).

Im rambling here, but you get the point.

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