Sometimes I present a different person to the world. This depends on the day, the mood, the weather and much much more. The contributory factors can be many and the person that I may decide to start the day with can be an affable, positive, congenial or downright happy kind of person.  On murkier days the stark changes can be less pleasing to oneself and even though the outward facade often seems the same, its the subtle differences that tell us apart are mighty. That is it though. We let the world see from the perspective of what we THINK the world wants to see. The primal understanding of the world is substantially different for each and every person. So what we fail to understand is that the world doesn’t really need to see something other than who we actually are. Day after day we take part in some futile exercise put together by ourselves, for ourselves and we are misguided into believing that it is for someone else’s benefit. It is not.

Bottom line people. be who you are, be who you want to be, don’t be fooled into being who you think you are meant to be. That is all.

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