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Senses are dulled through a retro filter of an app born from teenage curtsy. Dinner plates light up in restaurants from cameras documenting the digestive beginning of feces you see. How we are perceived is far better than how we feel you are now programmed to think. We base our choices on an algorithm from the mind of the new and already weary. We use cursive text when we really really want something that we hardly need. Losing vowels to underline the depth of our messages that must be read, simply must you see. Their destination could shape the mediacentric world as we would like it to be. Those around us recording lifes little nuances are repelled by the fact that they cant recognise a nuance to begin with and merely look you square in the face for a semblance of grace. Life is fleeting, yet we piss it all away for those strangers to thumb up our version of a glorious day. We are doomed to wallow in an online sea of shrugs and redirected web pages failing to load as quick as we think we need.

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