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The day can seem rather grey and gloomy where I am from. The monochrome skies form a loose net as if to keep the eventual rain at bay for a time, but ultimately it comes and pours down like cats and dogs. It would be easy to dream away your day wishing of fairer climes, but there is work to be done and dreaming can wait.

I yearn to cut from the ties of society. To live amongst the land and all its bounty. Knowingly Im at odds with the part of myself that loves gadgetry and has a lustful affinity with all things online, then only to wish I was miles from my nearest neighbour and living gleefully off natures bosom. I think that part of myself that finds great comfort in my own solitude is down to partly being used to my own company as growing up an only child and partly thinking that too much companionship eventually breeds some sort of unconscious anxiety from somewhere deep within. But what do I know, I’m only a living entity with some form of consciousness and thoughts and feelings and such.

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