The inevitability of running to the A&E with a young child at the worst possible time scenario had to occur at some stage. Said child bouncing like a freshly punctured balloon on the end of his bed during get this, winding down at bedtime time. (I know) . Incoming edge of little bedside locker coming toward his forehead. Chances of impact were always high. A not so gentle coming together of skin, bone and treated wood. The blood, the blood, sweet jesus what seemed like so much blood. An initial cry, then more blood streaming his little face in a giallo like veil. With that in mind the child was now though unusually chilled. Not a bother to him it seemed. Wife panicking for everyone. Jesus, what a deep gash it was right on the eyebrow. So down to the local after hours clinic for us. It was after eight, nearly nine in the evening. Turns out, that clinic GP`s cant or are not allowed stitch anything on the face. Therefore sent to A&E as they can do stitches to a face and In case he needed to be put under, that too. Please god no is all I thought.

In A&E this cool as you like child in his onesie clutching his stuffed dinosaur casually taking in his surroundings in the clinical surroundings of the local hospital waiting room. We had arrived during the national nurses strike, so there was minimal staff, also we were due a big freeze in the coming hours and I didn’t enjoy the prospect of driving in the ice for over twenty miles home if we were looking at the early hours of the morning, though hoping we actually could leave and not have to stay because he had to be put under. Two hours later thanks to one patient doctor and one very nice nurse we were told we could leave as he only needed glue stitches or tissue adhesive. So off we set at midnight with a very cranky and sleepy infant into the frostbitten night toward home.

Thankfully, no concussion or no infection delayed or initial. So back to normal as normal can be living with a demon on wheels that is an infant.

To finish, the stress or anxiousness of it all brought on the usual migraine and the stomach started round one of the European championship gymnastic trials held in the arena that is my lower digestive tract, but other than that job done and well and truly exhausted. We await the next adventure.

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