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Am just sitting at my PC writing this blog when I can here the sound of my three year old boy playing with his mum as he winds down for bedtime. This brief respite from our playtime to write something on the blog that I am using to face up to my self and all the stressful crap that happens to come with. Indeed, the irony has hit me that I already have happiness and I truly have something so special with my family that it makes me think sometimes why do I let anxiety wrap its clammy skinny pinpricked arms around me. Why?

Thing is that it is so nice to come home to the advancing run from the small fella and the warmth of joy and emotion that I feel when he jumps into my arms, and that is something that no words could do justice. Thinking out loud here, but is true happiness within my reach, so very close. So damn close. Now just to let my damn brain in on the secret and I can put all the negativity to bed. Hope folks, there is always hope.

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