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Got banned from Pinterest regarding their spamming law. Apparently, most of my pins violated it. They were just my blog entries for fecks sake. Naturally, I appealed, and to no avail. So after some thought, I think I will go without Pinterest as a way of getting my blog out there, I will persevere without the colourful glamorous companion and plod along my own merry way.

Being a tad(I use the next word oh so carefully) OCD and you know all the bit hypersensitive, anxious, and ever so slightly wired, you know the type. I simply cannot for the life of me see how putting one’s personal thoughts on another social media platform could ever be deemed as spam. I think there is many a Ugandan bank manager with an unclaimed three million dollars out there that would probably agree with me also. Anyway, I am going to try my utmost to leave it go and not take a big corporations view of my spammy spamness too much to heart.  So the inevitable autopsy ensues. Maybe it was the writing, maybe it was the content, maybe its the unashamed used of Grammarly, maybe it was the font. Sweet Jesus and gadzooks that’s it. It was the font in the study with the candlestick. Listen Calibri, me and you are done, this is the last time you lead me down a merry road. Finished. Its Cambria from now on for me.

Drained emotionally and empty as a new bag in a vacuum cleaner I feel so used by my choice of font. That is all for now as I’m off to faint on the chaise lounge dramatically.

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