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What are the most important qualities for a person to feel connected to another?

  1. Likemindedness
  2. Loyalty
  3. Decency
  4. Entertainment value

Would these be attributes that tick your box when exploring the idea of comradery?

The first. Well, I think not necessarily as opposites attract even in a platonic relationship, but might help due to shared tastes, goals, interests, etc.

Second. A must. You need to know that they have your back. Simple.

Thirdly. Absolutely categorically and the most important. Yes.

Lastly. It certainly helps if they can make you smile on a day that things to smile about are missing and humour has escaped you.

Down the years I have let a lot of my friends drift away either consciously or unconsciously. Though I always remember our kinship fondly and cherish the time we spent. But if I am to be truthful, as I plod along this life I have found that friendship is a distant second to family and I have found that some of the friendships that I once enjoyed were holding me back like tent pegs plowed into the ground. Whilst that may seem harsh to some and that many may think that the friendships themselves may have not been that strong in the first place when fickle feelings guide now rather than a longheld prepubescent version of loyalty, and while that all may be true. I do feel that some friendships will always prevail even if not too obvious at each point in our lives. I think some connections cling on like ligaments attached to the bone and can withhold most trauma that comes with this life we lead.

Heres to friendship though, one of lifes bonuses.

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