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If your reading this, then you will probably know along with anxiousness and such, that insomnia seems to follow you around like a needy puppy. Indeed after setting up this blog for the first time last night, a night of restlessness soon followed with the thoughts of the day and even the following day (today) still bouncing around my head like a newly punctured balloon. Bouncing around and around and around. From my experience, my anxiousness seems to coincide with my over analytical nature. This can be seen as a strength, but not so when you start to dissect every nuance,facial movement, nervous tick, vocal tone and eye movement of whoever you may be talking to at any given point. The recipe consists of two parts frustrating and an equal measure of I cant help whatever my brain forces me to do in any given situation. So it usually analyzes. Everything..EVERYTHING. So, after a late night meeting of my synapses and other electrical discharges in my noggin, we have all come to the conclusion that starting this blog will not bear fruit on the first harvest. We may need to get everything in place first and even then only time will tell.

Also, I have to deal with my Mother in law today. So, I will leave it at that.

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