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An attempt to start the week on a positive note was made. Monday blues begone. I won’t be needing you today or for the rest of the week either. Well, that’s what I thought anyway. But here I am, several hours into my day, sat at my desk and feeling for a lack of a better phrase, downright glum. Not in any shape or form depressed mind you, but more of a semi-workable glumness. Why? Well, the usual hurdles at my job were awaiting me, the lack of IT support (none), computers that won’t print, classes that needed last minute arranging and staff that have disappeared off the planet or so it seems. But hey, its the nature of what I do and the sector where I work. Community work throws up challenge after challenge after challenge. Indeed, challenges are meant to be overcome, and sometimes I will approach this gleefully, but today was a day of constant procrastination. So no challenge was met and indeed no challenge was dutifully accepted. Instead, I metaphorically hid under my desk, sucking my thumb and renewing a favored fetus position whilst awaiting a hero like a damsel in distress. None has come thus far.

What to do? Ideally, a change of job, easier said than done. There are more interesting jobs that I am qualified for, but here’s the catch. They don’t pay on the same level that I am at now. Also, unfortunately, I am not in a position to take a pay cut just for professional happiness. What to do, what to do? Biding my time has never felt so fruitless, but there are not many other options for now, so biding it is.

Question is when we spend so much time in our jobs, is it a must rather than a want to find some sort of nirvana albeit on a minute level when you are away from your family and your home for so much time in a working week?  Do most of us have the fortitude to be able to say enough and find another path or are we bound to the contractual agreements of adulthood, such as mortgages, credit card bills, car payments etc.

Damn, I wish I could test the theory that money doesn’t bring happiness. Maybe it doesn’t, but I’m sure it gives you a shot at it.

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