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Ireland in February usually means rain and wind. Maybe a bit of sleet or hail. The sun hides from Ireland generally around this time of year. We put on our duffle coats as kids, wrap our scarfs around our necks tight and secure our wooly gloves in place to face the brazen weather outside our doors. Now, don’t get me wrong, Ireland very rarely has sub-zero freezes and when we get snow it is often more of a novelty to us than anything else. For god’s sake, the country practically closed down last year when we got a few inches of it. Our friends across the pond in Canada, I’m sure were quietly amused at the shenanigans. But hey, that’s what makes us Irish you know. We are up for a laugh even at our own expense. So with all this in mind, it is strange for us that in the last few days we are walking around with the sun on our backs and a song on our lips. Nah, forget the song bit, makes us sound a bit toor a loor a lay. Though the sun is definitely on our backs and the mood has turned from a pleasant surliness to a distinct optimism. And do you know what, I’m definitely all for the optimism and all it brings to the table. It is a good thing, a really good thing. Long may it last.

That is all.

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