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Watched a feelgood movie last night. Nothing too deep, very representative of a succesful middle class suburbia. Something I would normally shun. My pseudo wanna be intellectual creative self would be mortified at me (ha ha).

I dont know though, it must have been my mood. Watching Nordic noir all week, needed something less serious I suppose.

Have to be frank here, it amazes me how an hour and a half visualisation of some idylic life on a screen in your living room can actually get you thinking in a positive way, give you the feels, the real ones you know. But it really did. And I woke up in a pretty good mood to boot. Hopefully those feels will cling on to the end of my coat tails all day and shape my impending week too.

Heres to positivity folks. I sincerely wish you all find some.

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the #1 Itinerary

February 24, 2019 at 3:13 pm.

Great post 😁