Im from Ireland, and part of our bureaucratic process is that we let the people decide on important issues or amendments to our constitution that need to be you know addressed. Whether its the polarising abortion vote, the same sex marital vote, the original divorce vote, yes, in my country only in the recent past were you allowed to legally obtain a divorce.  The latest was it seems a revision of sorts on the divorce issue. The original had a stipulation that to obtain a divorce the couple had to be living apart for four of the last five years before even the initial divorce proceedings could even begin. I know, a long time right, and do you know what? Life is too short for all that waiting, while your waiting, life tends to pass you by. So the latest referendum in my country proposed to half that term to two years and that a divorce obtained outside of Ireland would be officially recognised within our state. Im delighted to say that this passed by something like 82% for said change.  All these above mentioned changes are really highlighting the liberal view that my country has now taken as part of its ongoing character evolution.  No longer are we moving slowly trapped under the thumb of the Catholic church, but now are a nation of free thinkers and hold dearly our liberal views, whilst fully embracing necessary global change and human rights issues, whether it be the me too movement, the refugee issue in Europe or climate change (yes, it does exist). To highlight this even further, I have to remind you that being gay in Ireland was officially illegal in my country before 1993. (although not enforced in more recent times). So this is a hell of a lot of progression.

Some of the things I have mentioned above may not be in sync with some of the value systems by some of you that are reading it , and you may of noticed that I didnt get too much into my own views. ( but as you can guess, I am a liberal). That all being said, today I feel a little bit more proud of my country and hopefully now we can do more around our green and environmental issues. Small steps but positive ones.

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