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When we reach our potential, will we know? Or is our potential limitless. Should we even benchmark ourselves as a way of evaluating success? What is the definition of success? We all know that it shouldn’t be gauged by monetary wealth or by the number of things that we own. Probably an obvious one is that happiness should be the only measure in which we should even consider. Even with that in mind, should we measure at all? Or should we enjoy the ride and let ourselves glide along in this life and laugh and smile and enjoy the fact that we are constantly seeking knowledge? The fact that we have to ability to do so is surely enough. Maybe we have sought to compete against each other as if happiness had a total number and there was only so much of it to go around. Are we influenced by the media influencers, are we allowing ourselves to succumb to popular culture in a way that is surely detrimental to our growth and personal development? I think there might be a strong case to suggest so. I think that we let ourselves down by allowing ourselves to be judged and indeed judging everybody we come across in our daily paths. Is it our humanity and the flaws that go along with it that drives us to such ridiculous acts? I don’t know the absolute correct answer for those questions, but what I do know is that the sooner we let ourselves roam free unbridled by all that is unnecessary whether it be the superficial adornments hanging against our skin or letters that follow our names. The truth is, as living biological entities, we don’t need any of that to be fulfilled, but because we have evolved to a certain point, we are sandbagging the cracks that generations of our species have allowed to be eroded in the first place, we tend to create these types of ideal existence that we somehow feel we may need to justify the fact that we are alive in the first place. So we give ourselves things. Loads of bloody things.

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