Is obsession a bad thing? Depending on the context, depending on the subject matter. I love music, I mean L.O.V.E it Nat King Cole style. Not just the silky smooth sounds that hang pleasantly in the air, but the whole package. I love reading about it, love collecting it in its many guises, I love to discuss, to critique, to evaluate. Damn it I love to smell it. That musty smell of vinyl sleeves in a second hand store, its compelling, makes me happy, and that ladies and gentlemen is something worth savouring. A sense of happiness, albeit from a tangible physical object which as any pseudu spiritual guru will tell you is generally not a good thing. Its experiences, feelings and people are what really matters. Which, I must admitĀ  is absolutely true, but if records and CD`s are a physical tangible vessel from which the intangible feeling inducer called music has to live in or be transported within to reach your spiritual core, is that not something worth cherishing? I know have a valid argument here, but again I like to argue alone so Ill probably win this one.

Bottom line. Dont feel guilty if something harmless to all (including yourself)makes you happy. Anything that makes it ok to chill out when your alone is a good thing.

And Music most definately is a very good thing.

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