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Thoughts randomly pinballing around my mind while on the drive to work can often be the most onesided and angry ones that I know.

Ones own thoughts are the most derailing when happy. There seems to be a natural organic need to self destruct upon the dawning of some sort of impending joy.

Toddlers know no mercy

Patience is something that can be exercised and built upon only when living with a three-year-old. Buddhism and other such practices can only produce so much when measured against this tried and tested practice.

My three year old apparently is “growing out his beard”

Decency is a very precious and cherished attribute. If you know someone that has it in abundance, keep them in your life.

Laziness is another barrier to freedom and happiness, but one we create ourselves through fear of trying something new or working toward our goals.

Bourban creams are a very underrated biscuit.