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Sometimes it may be because of a friendly encounter, sometimes the weather may assist or even sometimes you just wake on the right side of the bed. But, whatever gives you a pep in your step. You need to embrace it and cherish it, hold it tight and never let it go. These moments are real, they bring hope and they spread happiness to whoever crosses your path. Because as most of you will attest to, its the people around an unhappy you have to put up with the same unhappy you and live with that unhappy you, which is tough. So what I am probably trying to get across is, making yourself happy is not only about the self, the ego, person, it is often about all that you may cherish and those lovely people that if you are lucky enough, may cherish you back. That is all I have to say on the matter really.

A short insight if you will, but the negative insights can always wait, the positive ones need to be said as soon as they enter your head. Or at least briefly filtered first.

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