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They are what they are. The start of a brand new week. Psychologically they should be used to wipe the slate clean and start again. I mean, if you tell yourself everything will be good over and over, surely that means you give yourself a fighting chance that it will. Right?

My 40-minute drive to work alone in the early hours of the morn often brings a barrage of thought and a plethora of ideas. Some good, some not so. This morning after an imaginary to and fro in my head with a family member, I settled down once I arrived at my place of employment. I have a job that requires me to only answer to a small board of management and therefore day to day I am my own boss. This suits me fine as I don’t think I have the mental capacity to take someone’s shit whilst I am at work ever again.  As the day plowed on, and as my mini daily accomplishments were done and sectioned away in my constantly churning analytical brain, I realised that a nice crest of positivity was starting to engulf me on this Monday morning. A day traditionally filled with nothing but jaded animosity directed simply toward the rest of the week. Almost as if Monday was jealous of each and every other day as each one was closer to Friday at variant chronological levels. But not today, I feel like accomplishments were there to be done and damn it I’m up to the task. So on this fine new week, I have decided to (for now) to embrace its absurdities, meet its challenges and keep my head more above water than on any other Monday.

I shall keep you updated. ( Whomever you may be).

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