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Monday morning and the dawn has not yet arrived. Its dark and cold outside but the possibilities are endless.

I decide to take this week and begin it in a positive way. Something good is around every corner and I will be fine .Such is the mantra I choose for this week that lies ahead.

I tend to leave for work at an unearthly hour sometimes. My job allows me the freedom to do so. The only bonus of the insomniac is the extra hours to be fruitful in the day.
This morning is different. I have decided not to arrive to work till I have to, I have decided to take it a bit easier and try to make myself relax a bit more. You see, I have a stressful job. I work around the marginalised, I work in an area that is below the poverty line with a high crime rate. It doesn’t bother me as this is the area of work  which directly correlates with my education. With that I do, most opportunities for me will be in amongst tough situations and people who need assistance the most.  I am a community worker and it would be fair to say that my job brings a fair amount of stress in itself.

That said, I have decided that a less stressful me can equate to a more productive and focused me. A step back for my own mental health can allow me to make more clear decisions and give me a better sense of perspective. At least I think it will, I have not tried it yet, so suffice to say this is a test run, a brand new week with a brand new approach.  Oh if only the birds were chirping outside it would be utterly magnificent.

I’m off to work now to see if my theory is right.

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