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When the night draws to a close. When morning rears its unkempt head and the grass bends under the weight of the morning dew, the day finally arrives with great aplomb. With all this in tow, we commit ourselves to the mood that followed on from the night like an emotive remora suckling against us parasitic like and often downright greedy, also I should add that the remora can feed us as well as being fed from. A keen eye can spot this.

That being said, the day has a way of throwing up random occurrences that germinate from the most minuscule of thoughts and finally terminate to some degree as a happening of varying magnitude to mark our week or maybe even more, who knows how big it could be, limitless I suppose. Plans are good and all that, but the best things often came to our feet surprisingly and not always through the grandest of schemes. So be aware, rather than beware. The smallest nuance can be an opportunity often missed.

With that, I bid you adieu.


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