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On any given day we feel a host of emotions. Some people enjoy the ride, some people suffer in silence. Some people fluctuate between the two. Personally, I have a steady enough feeling throughout the day. Somewhere on the scale between good and meh. When I am positive it is great and life offers so many choices, so many possibilities. Hope hangs around every corner. When it is not so good, then I still have those choices, but they seem utterly pointless. The odds are stacked against, and hope has run for the hills or is skulking around some other naive sucker. I know none of this to be entirely true, but this happens often in my typical week or month and drapes me like a dirty coat when it arrives. Programmed to receive impulses that often feel like negative wave after wave I scorch the earth as I weigh in with thoughts about my own meandering life only to end up falling short at the final hurdle toward happiness. I mean I’m not unhappy all the time, definitely not, but if only it is little titbits of happiness for no matter how long are part of your cycle, then can you be truly defined as a happy person? Is there a time frame. Can you practice being happy? Does it work like that? I don’t know. I think you can possibly project happiness within to a small degree, but I think that the core of why you remain unhappy is too often eluding. For now, those that know take whatever they can get and march on. I remain open-minded to my approach and allow the wind to guide me.

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