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Living by a code. Living by a moral standard. Living with whatever religion you hold dear in your heart. Whatever keeps your moral barometer centred and guided is a good thing no?

I was born a catholic. Was a boy scout, an altar boy, did the pilgrimige thing and so forth, but am not religious now. Back when I was younger Ireland was a different place. Only in the eighties it was common for churches to be nearly full, parish priests to visit random parishioners and normal enough to become an altar boy (or girl). Indeed in this country it was technically illegal to be homosexual up to 1993 for gods sake. Although not pursued it should be said by the law. The abortion issue has now further moved my country further from the coattails of the clergy .We are less reliant and subservient to the master that was not only the previous landowners of history, but now the church. Is that a good thing? Well for me,it clearly is. While I can utterly respect anyone that holds dear their religious beliefs and whatever an individual needs to help them navigate the tricky waters of life is indeed a valid tool for them and if it works for them, then it works. That said, I find too many of the hypocrisies of the catholic church to be rather stifling to me personally. Indeed, anybody of a community mind or social conscience surely could see the failings of the church toward the common person with regard the churches position on free education to be a prime example back in the day. With all this in mind, for me its the organised religion part that I probably am not enamoured toward and not the faith itself. I am like most lost individuals on this planet, searching for a way , a path , a purpose for lack of a better word. And although religion may never guide me, I believe that decency and a sense of humanity can be a far better beacon for me personally to follow. That is just my opinion and I still respect all those who may differ. The bottom line for me is liberty, freedom and respect. I believe we should enjoy our differences, and learn from them even. Educate ourselves culturally by being amongst those who may have a different view on the world. This for me is the only way to exist and my spiritual path is one that I may come across at some point. I keep an open mind.

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