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Don’t want to sound like a right on do-gooder type. But, there is a lot to be said in spreading a bit of humanity to anyone out there. Whether you believe in karma, a higher power or just want to put volunteering on your resume, it is the end product of the act, not really the reasons behind it that count I think. Although, I just remembered the old saying its the thought that counts, so I suppose there is good in the whole process really. That all said when you do something nice for a stranger or indeed anyone really, the benefit can often be more good to yourself as much as the recipient. You do a good turn, and the person affected benefits in some way. You feel good, you sleep well, you mend a part of yourself you might never have known was in need of mending because you carried that part of yourself wounded for so long that it became the norm. That fractured or torn part of yourself seemed to be the best it could be, you were never even aware of that missing part, that untapped potential. If you were an athlete, you were running at 90 %, and 10% was the part you never knew you were capable of the whole time. I’m not saying you have to run yourself into the ground to give something back, although there are people you do that and much respect is indeed given to them, but if you can just spare 5 minutes, or that loose change jingling in your pocket, or throw a decent turn that may not even impact your day a little, but nonetheless you have given a part of yourself, and that small part probably won’t lessen your total self, it doesn’t reduce your cash flow, or doesn’t take something personal from you, in fact, you have restored a part of yourself that now makes you feel like you are capable of so much more.  As a more total person in this world that so many people find difficult to navigate. You are probably one of those people at times, but in a time of sudden strength, you can mend those around you and even yourself by making the gesture in the first place.

Just a thought or two.

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