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Lower back pain, random bowel movements, cramps and excessive gas. You know it right?

After a round of antibiotics with a misdiagnosed illness in the summer (thought it was kidney infection, turned out to be a kidney stone), I have a new addition to my repetoire. IBS or Irritable bowel syndrome. A doozy of a thing, this coupled with my new-found anxiousness in the early part of the summer had me excessively and morbidly thinking that I had a serious illness. God, at one point, I thought it had to be cancer. The mind struggled to let that one go I tell you. ( separate blog entry for that one at some point) Blood tests, stool tests and several doctor visits later, they found nothing wrong. One doctor mentioned the FODMAP diet, but stopped short of labelling it IBS with a “could be” or a “maybe”. I think with that in mind, GP`s are not overly fond of diagnosing IBS with a lot of the symptoms or causes still not being fully scientifically proven yet. To be fair to that particular Doctor they did everything but offer what was wrong with me that particular label on that visit. So, I tried the FODMAP diet, it worked a bit, certain foods I know sincethat particular antibiotic now definately have an adverse reaction on me. Too much dairy, broccoli, apples, and garlic . That kind of thing. Now Ive had this thing for 7/8 months now and the one thing I have figured out 100% is that the very worst thing fthat effects my IBS at least for me is stress. Anytime I’m extra anxious , my stomach roars and shouts like its calling at me, my bowel movements become more or even less regular, excessive amounts of gas gather to form a waiting infantry of cramps. If you are reading this and this sounds a tad like you, please (try to) de-stress yourself, please attempt to handle things better, I’m the one that is suffering it screams. But, that as we all know, that is easier said than done.

My once cast iron digestive system is now a tender little thing, and that is the way it seems to be know. Tried the probiotic, trying to keep on the FODMAP diet, severely curtailed my alcohol intake, I dunno, maybe its a work in progress, but one thing I am totally sure of is that my gut situation is 100% linked to my mental state. I have absolutely categorically no doubt about that. The body has to have a physical reaction to whats going on in your head.

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