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Nothing, absolutely nothing beats coming home to an excited child so happy to see their Daddy. Life doesnt get any better than this. No money, no possessions nothing trumps that.

Everyday I am humbled by the position that I find myself in and everyday I feel that I am better able to deal with the bull that is this thing anxiety and shrug it off once and for all. Everyday I tells ya.

When you hear the term spiralling out of control, why isnt there an opposite version, like Jaysus look at that mad fella, he’s completely sorted out with the meaning of life, feckin eejit, who does he think he is. The feckin manic Nirvana on that one, whats he like, ha? He’s reached that plateau alright.

Although seriously, while I feel great and positive this very minute as my fingers tap the keys to send this message across my screen, something in a few minutes could sent me into a negative flow stream and disengage my temperate humour till maybe it the repeated cycle of postivity, negativity, postitvity, negativity is broken again by some sleep. Like some biological soft reset of my brain brought about by the need for shut eye clears my own cache and allows me to get a clean slate, a blank page if you will. So what shitiness awaits my clean slate, or indeed maybe what bright or dark colours await their new home splattered across my blank page all jumbled and messed up together¬† tomorrow after bringing the yesterday to its unglorious end. You see, you cant see it coming, it arrives and looks for your personal insecurities, it pokes and prys away at your softness, your weak spot till it finds a way in. The its the inevitable “Baton down the hatches folks, there’s a storm a comin”. Or maybe it will narrowly avoid me and move on to the next poor bastard.

You just dont know.


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