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Yes, it Friday. I feel good, I am sitting at my desk in a very quiet office as everyone has left for the day and I can be alone with my thoughts. They are good uns by the way. All positivity shrouds me right now and I am feeling like I can accomplish much.

Now, as I said it is Friday and I don’t have to drive tomorrow, so I was thinking of having a few drinks at home with my better half while cranking up some Spotify. This sounds all well and good, but, as most of you know, alcohol has an influence on those that live with anxiety, and it’s not generally a good one. That said, I am not planning on drinking a bucket load, just enough to wind down and share the company of my wife whilst enjoying a few tunes to. Pubs and bars are no longer my thing, so chilling out at home sounds quite good right now. So a definite quandary here. If I am enjoying an ale or two and that generally leads to slightly giddy territory then we could possibly be looking at a hangover. Which, from experience doesn’t bode well. What to do.

Anxiety and alcohol don’t make the best bedfellows. what we perceive as something that can relax us, does actually the opposite. It sneakily fools us into a false sense of security on a night filled with bubbly drinks and garish cocktails only to ambush us in a full-scale attack on arrival to our (semi) senses in the morning after. I mean, how many people spend their waking days frantically going through their sent box to find out what embarrassing foolery had occurred the night before. How many people are embarrassed because they have no recollection of the events on the previous night’s drunken events?Is our relationship with alcohol a factor in a new-found anxiety or is alcohol something worth avoiding altogether if we already have that predisposition?

I think the answers often vary person to person and that they are usually glaringly obvious also, but as it always is with alcohol, we do not want to admit it for the inevitability of abstinence.

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