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When clearing out a room, or your mind for that matter. The things you move aside to get to the core of the problem or what you really need to address or find are usually things that contribute to the clutter or problem in the first place. The build up of residue and dust bunnies often marshall the defence of such a thing. Though, what is the such a thing? Is it the core nucleus that shapes who we are? Is it the divine encapsulation that makes us man? Or is it simply baggage?  I believe it is solely unneccesary baggage. Baggage that weighs us down and keeps us from freeflowing our way in the world and discovering the beauty of all that surrounds us and those that we meet in our daily lives. I thouroughly believe that by shedding all that encapsulates our lives in a negative way, we will then be able to freely engage with the world around us and live our lives to the fullest. Living as emotive entities that encourage growth and respond to sensitivities that we were born to do.

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