• Desire for temperance
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Table top Joe danced till his legs fell off. His wooden falsies rolled across the mahogony table till they hit the floor. Joe sat on his arse as his lack of legs had suddenly left him in a precarious position, but he couldn’t care less as he was drunk as a skunk. The crowd bellowed in and scoffed viciously. Amidst the rabble was an old fashioned pioneer, not the travel hardy new world type, but the alcohol free type you see. He eyeballed table top Joe from the middle of the throng as if to say, Joe you are a laughing stock, I’m mortified for you. Joe noticed this and a year fell from his eye. Poor Joe, all he had was the drink and very little else. Later that day Joe gave up the drink and moved to Denmark to live in some sort of a commune.

A true story inspired by Tom Waits.

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