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About 9 months previous after a misdiagnosed kidney infection, turned out a kidney stone, I was prescribed a strong antibiotic. About a week after finishing the dose, that when the proverbial (or not so) shit hit the fan. Lots of stomach issues, I mean lots. Trapped gas constantly, stomach pains, constipation (which I never really had), diarrhea, and deep morbid worry (whaaat?). This wasn’t going away. Even after a full round of expensive probiotics. Still there. My anxious state really came to a head during this time and started to see it for what for real. I mean, it was always there, but I think I could identify it more easily now.

Anyway, Three trips to three different doctors, one stool test, and one blood test later and they found nothing wrong. No gluten intolerance, nothing. If I am to be honest the wait for the blood test was a nightmare, I had somehow in the previous couple of months started to  convince myself that I may have cancer.  Underlying fears quickly manifested themselves and showed up unannounced more regularly. Those fears became more invasive, senses more heightened and I looked bloody miserable all the time. Lots of issues I believe contributed thoroughly to this new state of mind. A father Ive never know (apparently died) when I was very young. This deserves a blog of its own. Catholic Ireland, unwed pregnant mother, seventies, no info on birth cert, mother that never would speak about it. So his medical history alludes me. Anyway, I move on for now. Other contributors include a lifetime of over drinking. Not in a non functioning way, but one that the whole weekend was based around and any weeks holidays off from work usually had about three big nights of heavy drinking,that kind of thing. Although since the new arrival three years ago, this was curtailed a good bit.. (Thank god). Back to the medical stuff. Nothing was found after the tests, and no diagnosis actually made although one of the docs was starting to push toward the IBS train of thought and he introduced me to the FODMAP diet. He also was very interested in the stress aspect and referred me to a therapist. (a future blog entry).

So there were some of the factors I believe has led me to where I am now. I thoroughly believe that my stress and indeed probably a lot of other peoples too are intrinsically linked to IBS and indeed a lot of gut issues I feel are related to stress and anxiety too. At least that is my opinion and pardon the pun, gut feeling.

I still have a lot of stomach issues, which I can gauge by the amount of worry or anxiety I am feeling or experiencing at that point in time. At least now I’m not trying to convince myself of anything too negative wrong with me, so I try to just cope and deal with it, but I’m sure that we all cant go through this life without some form of worry or stress to have to deal with at some point, but that is it, its how we deal with it that is important, not how we bury it away, but how we eliminate it or even coincide with it without it having too much of an influence on us and those around us.


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