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First thing this morning as I was heading down the small road that leads to the turn off on the main road as I was leaving for work I started to notice a metal grating sound coming from under the car. When I got out and looked underneath, I saw that the exhaust was hanging off. So after waiting for the nearest garage to open, popped it in and now I await its repair.

Now normally this could send me into an everything is going wrong for me(me and only me) kind of mood, but not today. I wont let it, I wont let things that are out of my control affect me in an adverse way. What you cannot control should never take ownership over your own self. There are a few obvious exceptions of course, but life changeing ones aside, the other bullshitty things that normally chip away at my ok mood and would historically sculpt my demeanor into the curmudgeonly grumpy shapeshifting petty mopey turd of an entity will now not be allowed free reign and will now not be given that chance to ruin my day. Because in the grand scheme of things, these annoyances are what they are. Minor annoyances. That is all.

All that said, I still have to find out the cost of my car repair, so my theory will be put to the test then. But still, I stand resolute against the winds of pestillance. (Oh the drama)

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