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Change comes easy to some and harder for most. Often viewed as age dependant, you know the way it is, old fella that stubbornly refuses to change his ways. You hear the old adage “a clip around the ear never did me any harm” that kind of bs. The one that strikes a chord with me the most is the”things were better years ago “. Here’s the thing though, they clearly weren’t, alright we do live in a fucked up society where celebrity and image seem to be a bigger social influencer on our younger generation than something a bit more conducive to a more productive and socially responsible life, but with that in mind, there are good things too. The me too movement, acknowledgement of racial discrimination in society, a more liberal view in general toward other people’s life choices, all that kind of stuff. Not to mention advances in technology, medicine, and socio economic development and so forth. Now, I don’t deny that we are a long way from where we should be and we do take steps back in our political mindsets now and then which is usually a reflexive reaction toward whatever political crisis deemed accountable for whatever global worries at whatever given time, but remember this and remember it well. Social freedom, political freedom and fecking freedom in general are precious things. They are more valuable than gold, blood diamonds, bonds or whatever, and if you live in a part of the world where they are a given, then value them folks. Value them well. This back when I was young thing don’t wash with me, especially when poverty, oppressed minorities, illegal homosexuality, and more were the norm.

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