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The drudgery of work. The time spent somewhere you would rather not be.

Life is short. Life is certainly too short to spend away from your family in a job that is slowly chipping away at your inner soul. Don’t get me wrong, I have a job that has substance, that has some reward, but adding everything altogether takes a piece of you with it each and every day. I work in the community sector and have to deal with all the trappings that come with working in a geographical area that is well below the poverty line, high in unemployment and actually one of the unemployment black spots in the country according to the last national census.

Working in the community sector you will have already come to realise after you possess your shiny qualification, that you will never drive a company car, you will never work in an idyllic setting with regard to the social fabric of the local demographic, but you will have daily challenges in changing the mindset of the historically unemployable, the socially marginalized, and the downright excluded.

What you are absolutely guaranteed though is that you will win little battles,(not many large ones), you will make a small difference and you will inevitably lose a piece of yourself along the way. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t come home every night a mere shadow of your former self, but it will be a gradual demise of your spirit and that ladies and gentlemen is far too often already in short supply for some of us.

That said, we all cant have the perfect rewarding job that allows us the freedoms and financial free role in society that we can only dream of. We are merely pawns in our own lives at times and we haven’t even been made aware until we are already stuck deep in the mire with the proverbial millstone already dragging us down by the neck till we are unable to even will ourselves upward.

What to do then? Well damned if I know, but I will search on because I am sure that when we stop searching and we give in to solemnly embrace our lot in life, then we are truly at the mercy of our already semi fractured emotions and that people is a truly dangerous predicament to be in. Not for me.


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