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Decided not to throw anything into the ole blog lately. Because originally I said I would start this thing to vent randomly into the air, at least the world wide web of air anyways. A cathartic kind of thing. You know, for the most part, it works. Though lately, I have become caught up in the statistical side of things. like when you write something that you feel is good and nobody reads it, or maybe one or two hits nothing more. Even then when you get two views, but no likes, you end up thinking why didn’t I get a like, how hard would it be to throw me a like. The Phil Collins song in the air tonight resonating so much with me at that particular moment. Thinking “throw me a lifeline, please throw me a lifeline, I’m drowning here”. So, the irony doesn’t escape me that the blog I created to help alleviate my anxiety is now helping to fuel it in some small way. With all that, I decided to take my focus elsewhere and take a mini-sabbatical from writing the blog and the general tinkering that I do with the site. So I did that, took a little breather. Did it work..Nah, same bullshit anxieties rearing their heads up from the swamp that is the home of the mediocre and the bored, or in other words my tepid existence. Same old gut trouble, the stressed stomach making a huge comeback heading for the number one spot, a new album to follow. So you know what, it doesn’t matter, I shouldn’t have blamed the blog, shouldn’t have stopped writing my inane nonsense, by doing that it meant I was running from it, running from my own words before I let them loose on a page. That is just cowardly, total cowardice. Bullshit with a capital B. I’m back now in my own head baby. I’m back and there isn’t much room for anything else, shit…I think I just forgot how to drive.

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