A blog too far

A blog too far

Persevering with this blogging thing. Purely cathartic at the start. Now want it to go somewhere more. I’m not one to give up and I’m not about to start now. Wish I understood the whole search engine optimization thing a bit more though. This particular challenge is a worthwhile thing to undertake nonetheless, and damn it, I begrudgingly accept. Onwards and upwards. Or sidewards. Not sure yet. Where’s my compass.

2 thoughts on “A blog too far

  1. Lol. When you find the compass, lead the charge and direct us all! I know I have no clue. But I’m here for your journey! Keep writing, dude. And shouts to the wife and 3-y-o! (I got a hubs and 15 month old of my own!) 🖤

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